I have heard of the names of Islamic months which are:

  • Muharram
  • Safar
  • Rabi-al-Awwal
  • Rabi-al-Thani
  • Jumada-al-Awwal
  • Jumada-al-Thani
  • Rajab
  • Shaban
  • Ramadan
  • Shawwal
  • Zul-Qaadah
  • Zul-Hijjah

But the question arises that if there are names of months in Islam then why aren't their names of days in Islam. I know for Friday is Al-Jummah but I don't know about the rest. Are there names for days in Islam?


As I already mentioned in the comments days in the week don't have specific names, rather they are indicated with numbers ranging from 1- 7 beginning with Sunday.

يَوم الأحَد (Yawm Al-Ahad) - Sunday

يَوم الإثنين (Yawm Al-Ithnayn) - Monday

يَوم الثلاثاء (Yawm Atthulata) - Tuesday

يَوم الأربعاء (Yawm Al-arbi'a) - Wednesday

يَوم الخميس (Yawm Al-Khamees) - Thursday

يَوم الجمعة (Yawm Al-Jumu'a) - Friday

يَوم السبت (Yawm Assabt) - Saturday

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There are names of months in Islam because the Islamic calendar started with the event of Hijrah. There was also a need to mark the special months:

They ask you concerning the new moons (Literally: crescents). Say, "They are fixed times for mankind, and (for) the Pilgrimage." ... (Surah Al-Baqarah, 189)

Because existing methods were being misused:

Indeed, the postponing [of restriction within sacred months] is an increase in disbelief by which those who have disbelieved are led [further] astray. They make it lawful one year and unlawful another year to correspond to the number made unlawful by Allah and [thus] make lawful what Allah has made unlawful. Made pleasing to them is the evil of their deeds; and Allah does not guide the disbelieving people. (Surah Al-Tawbah,37)

As for days, they already had their names in Arabic version. Only one of the days of week is special and is marked i.e., Al-Jummah(Friday).

You could refer Islamic new year beginning in Muharram to know more about the starting of Islamic calendar.

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