Usually when you open an account in a bank they try to attract you with interest.
My question is how so called Islamic banks can -likewise- offer their customers, especially as riba (and interest is clearly considered as such) is haram.

My understanding of Islamic banks is that it seems to be like a co-partnership, which may mean that one may gain wins if the business runs or get losses if it doesn't. Like it is the case with trading one may buy a product (or in case of manufacturing produce it) and sell it with a (higher) price in order to make some wins, but at the end one may either make the wins, or it ends up as a shelf warmer, or you can't establish your business well enough etc.
If this understanding is correct usually a win or profit is uncertain.

In other words my question is what is the profit for the customer when opening an account in an Islamic bank (or does one have a profit)?

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