I'm currently interested in becoming a Muslim but I have some questions which no one at my local Mosque are able to answer sufficiently. First I have to setup the context.

First I will define child marriage as marriage as marriage of a person under the age of 18. Some Muslim's like to argue that the age of maturity is subjective and that many people are mature before 18 or after. Perhaps they don't realize that 18 is a catch-all. We live in the real world and there exists something called statistics. The choice of 18 is not arbitrary.

Now assume that a modern society will exist for all time. Take Sweden as an example. It is unanimously agreed that child marriage is harmful to modern societies. It is dishonest to argue that child marriage could be embraced at some point in the future.

Furthermore, it seems to be universally accepted that Muhammad married Aisha at age 6.

Here is my question:

It seems the prophets actions are permitting and arguably promoting child marriage. The ramifications are seen in many Islamic nations that use the literature to justify or normalize child marriage. Since the prophet is a role model for all time, it appears his actions are in contradiction with the existence of a modern society. Notice, I am not saying what the prophet did was wrong or that Aisha suffered in any way. I am also not concerned about the age of consent for sex, although it is also problematic. What I am concerned with is how the prophet's actions negatively affect countries today and modern societies that will likely exist indefinitely.

There are many difficulties in pinning down maturity. However it seems the prophet could have improved the lives of many had he said:

I think you shouldn't marry until 18


removed some potentially (irrelevant) incendiary remarks.

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    Possible duplicate of Does Islam support pedophilia or child marriages? – III-AK-III Jul 9 '18 at 22:45
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    A'isha was not a child at the time of marriage. Please see also How to defend Aisha's marriage age?. – III-AK-III Jul 9 '18 at 22:46
  • @III-AK-III, I have read these. If you read my question then you would realize they are asking different things – EggMan Jul 9 '18 at 22:50
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    This is a debate question. Why do you think 18 is the right age? What happens at 17 years, 11 months, and 364 days that change a person so much that they can now get married? Why is the age of consent different by country or within the same country by state or province? The rule in Islam is what Allah and the Prophet say and do becomes the standard, then all societies have to conform to such law; rather than the law being adopted by Allah and the Prophet to accept the always-changing norms of societies driven by unemployment figures to raise or lower age of consent. – III-AK-III Jul 9 '18 at 22:57
  • @III-AK-III, Again I think you misunderstand my question. I really don't have any problem with marrying or having sex at whatever age. If you want to marry at 9 and can justify it then I'm ok. my issue is not with whether people actually perform child marriage, it's that the prophet did something that seemingly had only negative consequence for future generations – EggMan Jul 9 '18 at 23:09

These days every one is taking example of United State of America (USA), but 75% of states marriage age is less than 18 years

New Hampshire(13: with parental consent), Alaska (14), North Carolina (14), Nebraska (19) and Mississippi (21).

Some countries like china have minimum age 22 (boy) 20 (girl).

Hinduism: Sita age at the time of marriage:

Balmiki Ramayana, when Ram and Sita went to jungle they were 25 and 18 year old, and before that they stayed in palace for 12 years, means at the time of marriage Sita was just 6 year (18- 12) old.

Laxman & Urmila married on the same day of Ram & Sita marriage. Urmila was the younger sister of Sita, so she would be even less than 6 years.

Christianity: When mother marry conceived (with the permission of his Lord/God/Allah), she was just 13 year old.

Your quote:

I think you shouldn't marry until 18, I don't know how you can defend it.

Mother Aisha was married in the age of 6 and went very first time in the age of 9, just to clarify.

Last year news from India

Ten-year-old rape victim gives birth in India

Note: I used some examples from Hinduism and Christianity, my intention is not to defame them, but to protect their religious personalities as well.

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    When mata Sita is married her age is 16 years, today people doing wrong interpretation of Sanskrit language. – Manoj Pilania Jul 16 '18 at 9:39
  • Well, sita was also the daughter a god. you can hardly cite the life of a demigod as an example for humans. – Ubaid Hassan Jul 4 at 16:02

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