I've already read this page full of information.

Do I need to wash every part three times during ablution?

My question is whether or not it is considered sunnah to wash your feeth thrice or just once?

This question originated from an argument between close relatives of mine. I hope I'll get an answer that sufficient enough inshallah.

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It was narrated from Ubayy bin Ka'b that:

The Messenger of Allah called for water and performed ablution once. He said: "This is the minimum requirement of ablution' or he said: 'The ablution of one who, if he does not perform this ablution, Allah will not accept his prayer." Then he performed ablution washing each part twice, and he said: 'This is the ablution of one who, if he performs it, Allah will give him two shares of reward." Then he performed ablution washing each part three times, and said: 'This is my ablution and the ablution of the Messengers who were sent before me."

Ibn Abbas narrated:

"The Prophet performed Wudu one time (for each limb)."

Abu Hurairah narrated:

"The Prophet performed Wudu two time (for each limb)."

Ali narrated that:

"The Prophet performed Wudu three times (for each limb)."

Means 1 time, 2 time and 3 time all are sunnah, but you want the triple reward then wash 3 times (from first hadith) and this is my WUDU and all the messengers before me, it's enough to use the 3 time one.

You already studied the quranic ayah in your question link, so no need to explain that part.

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