It's confusing me for decade that using pirated software is haram or not.

Can you please provide reference with your answer too?

Also, as per my understanding, every haram thing has a punishment, is it true? (with reference please).

And if yes, then what's the punishment in sharia for pirating a software?


Edit: this question is not duplicate of the other question as it asks for the "punishment" of the "haram" piracy (if its declared haram, with reference)

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Your understanding is somewhat correct. Basically in the hereafter there we expect to be judged and if we have done wrong or if our wrongdoings have over weighted our good deeds we expect a punishment.

But punishments -in this life- according the shari'a are limited to certain crimes -and under certain conditions- (apostasy, murder, adultery -for the married and unmarried-, false accusation of adultery, robbery, hirabah, drinking alcohol, etc. ) beside this we have Qisas and the ruler or Qadi has the right to use ta'azir.

Therefore a punishment for Software-piracy can only be decided case by case by a Qadi and may fall under ta'azir. Also note that if a person didn't repent in this life and was not condemned he/she should expect a punishment in the hereafter Does punishment in the worldly life replace punishment in the hereafter?.

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