One day on accident I said to my friends ‘oh Jesus lord’ it came out by accident. This happened almost a year now I asked Allan for forgiveness and forgot about it. Now it’s ramadan and I have been thinking about sins that have done throughout my life. I feel like have committed shirk . But I do believe in Allaah and the prophets (pbut) I believe that there is only one god (Allah)

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No it is not considered shirk if it is said accedently. The prophet said:

Verily Allah has pardoned [or been lenient with] for me my ummah: their mistakes, their forgetfulness, and that which they have been forced to do under duress 40.39

So if it came out by mistake, Allah will forgive you Inshallah.

However, It is considered shirk if one says it intentionally as Allah says:

Indeed, Allah does not forgive association with Him, but He forgives what is less than that for whom He wills. 4:116


Although Ahmad Taher provided an excellent answer to the question, let me answer it from another point of view. I think it also matters how, why and in which meanings you have used the word "lord". For example, Cambridge English Dictionary defines the word "lord" as:

"a man who has a lot of power in a particular area of activity".

"to behave as if you are better than someone and have the right to tell them what to do: "

"in the UK, used to address a judge or peer"

"a title used in front of the names of male peers and officials of very high rank:"

For details see https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/lord

I do not think in any of the above mentioned meanings it is regarded as shirk.

Jesus is lord of Muslims as well in the sense that he is a prophet, a man of very high rank.

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