There was a sahabi who got very ill after he read a Surah I want to know the name of the Sahabi the name of the Surah too I don’t intent to do anything wrong it’s just a quiz I was asked I wonder what is the answer to it jazakallah

  • Welcome to Islam SE. Questions are expected to be specific, on topic, and with some research done prior to asking. Please refer to How to Ask, and take a tour in our help center. I am not aware of any companion who was taken ill after reading a surah in the Qur'an. – III-AK-III May 11 '18 at 13:49
  • I have never heard of such a story. Are you sure it's real? – The Z May 11 '18 at 22:28
  • Yes i am sure it’s real just a tip he got sick for 3 weeks I am trying to research on this but still no answer – Confirem May 12 '18 at 9:54
  • Was it really a sahabi? Was it really a whole surah or just a verse? – Medi1Saif Jun 7 '18 at 12:45

One very weak narration I came across is this mentioned in tafsir ibn Kathir:

Al-Hafiz Abu Bakr Ibn Abi Ad-Dunya recorded that Ja'far bin Zayd Al-'Abdi said, "One night, in Al-Madinah, 'Umar went out investigating the welfare of Muslims and passed by the house of a man who was standing in voluntary prayer. 'Umar stood quietly, listening to his recitation; the man was reciting, (By At-Tur -surah 52-), until he reached the Ayah,
(Verily, the torment of your Lord will surely come to pass. There is none that can avert it. (52:7-8)) 'Umar said, "By the Lord of the Ka'bah, this is a true vow." 'Umar dismounted his donkey and sat next to a wall for a while. He then went back to his house and fell ill for a month. During his illness, the people would visit him, not knowing what caused his illness." May Allah be pleased with 'Umar. (Source: qtafsir)

in this quote for whatever reasons the authors of qtafsir didn't display the full narrator chain of ibn abi ad-Dunya's narration which is quoted here in tafsir ibn Kathir beside a second narration. Salih al-Murri who has transmitted the word of Ja'far bin Zayd Al-'Abdi is considered as a weak narrator.

The second narration speaks about an illness of around twenty days. And again it was referred to 'Omar ibn al-Khattab, but doesn't seem to be authentic.

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