I am going to develop an Islamic Q&A website for the Freebasic platform. Will that be beneficial for me on Judgement Day, and will that be counted as my Neki in Shariah?


I think that it depends on the content. If it's correct, then the output will be positive. But, if it's the opposite then you will regret this step. My advice is:

  • Think several times before posting anything, and be sure about it authenticity form several sources.

  • Always cite references, to give the readers the opportunity to verify.

  • Get your posts examined by a specialized person when it's necessary, in order to be "certain" about it.

  • Every time it's possible, try to give different types of reasons to justify your answers. Because the reader might be a Muslim, a new Muslim, a non Muslim, ...

  • Good suggestions.
    – Muslimah
    Apr 26 '18 at 16:53

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