My question relates to item 1. in this Wikipedia snippet about bidah (religious innovation):

Sunni Muslim scholars have divided bid‘ah in worldly matters into two types:

  1. Good innovations such as using technology to propagate the faith of Islam.

  2. Innovations that are purely evil ...

Bid'ah, Wikipedia

The reference given on Wikipedia is a Facebook link, which I presume would be considered unreliable (although I can't access it due to Facebook being blocked here). It also quotes "Islam Q & A" as writing:

Innovation and discoveries related to our daily life [are] encouraged in Islam, as long as [they do] not contradict Islamic teachings and principles. Using modern technology in Dawah is required as means to [convey] the message of Islam.

(I corrected some grammar and spelling errors.)

However, I cannot find this snippet by searching for it.

Question: Which Sunni scholars state that "using technology to propagate the faith of Islam" is a good innovation?

Basically I'm seeking a reliable reference for the Wikipedia quote.

In case it helps an answerer, the references also writes "Al-Bahith ,, Yahya" (I don't know what this means), and there's a reference for the whole snippet: Al-Qawaa'id wal-Usool al-Jaami'ah wal-Furooq wat-Taqaaseem al-Badee'ah an-Naafi'ah by Abd ar-Rahman ibn Naasir as-Sa'di.

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