There are four questions already asked related/linked to it.

  1. Is it haram to take and save digital photographs in islam?

  2. Is it allowed to store pictures of living things in Digital format?

  3. Is drawing or photographing people prohibited in Islam?

  4. Is it permissible to photograph nature?

But, my question is if the photo is taken and shown virtually, so is it wrong to display? But after reading the 4th question itself, it says "it's forbidden to photograph humans." I want to clear out my doubt.

I asked this question, because a show is being casted on national television aired all over in India although I don't watch but caught attention while watching an ad promoting the serial series which can be seen here on YouTube where the girl in the serial challenges saying that can't it be shown for happiness. Actually it is being displayed during walima. They are showing that they debunked the fact. Although mostly, these are fiction based but still on what basis is it true according to some verses mentioned somewhere?

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    There are different views on photography, even still printed images. A significant group of scholars do not consider them prohibited because they cite analogy with the reflection formed in a mirror or water. – UmH Apr 12 '18 at 18:49

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