Asalam valikum,

I got khula from my first wife 8 years ago and have a son of 7 years, she is unmarried till now and I got married to another girl and have 3 kids, now can I re marry my first wife by not getting separated from my second wife. Can I be with both wifes at the same time. As I do not want to leave my second wife and recently my first wife mother died. So I want to try and get back my first wife and take care of her and my son. Is that possible.

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    Please be aware that this is not a fatwa site. Answers should be judged by the evidence they provide. Without evidence, it’s just the guess of a random person on the Internet. Apr 11, 2018 at 16:20

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You can do it but better to discuss the same with knowledgeable person in your town/city/family. Make sure to keep involve all your relatives.

It is legal in Islam, but just to take care? you can do it without marrying, is not that true?

Better to discuss you current wife and family first before asking to anyone else...

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