What books other than his sahih imam Muslim has written and which of those has reached us (Examples should be sufficient if exist)?

When we look at the relief of his teacher imam al-Bukhari we find that except with his so called sahih, we still have access to his al-Adab al-Mufrad and his tarikh books (al-Kabir, al-Awsat, as-Saghir), his ad_Do'afa' al-Kabir and as-Sagir and many other papers and books have reached us while many are lost like his tafsir al-Kabir, his 'ilal, his al-Musnad al-Kabir,his al-Mabsoot etc.

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I am not sure if there is a comprehensive list documented, or even if the full manuscript of any of the books below is available:

  • Al-Kuna wa al-Asmā' is organized alphabetically, with each letter having its own chapter (very similar to Al-Bukhari's book with a similar title, but with Imam Muslim's views), which is used in biographical evaluations (Arabic: علم الرجال) in terms of who was the teacher of whom, and so on.
  • Al-Munfaridāt wa al-Wihdān is as its title implies, a compilation of hadiths that come through a single narrator, and an analysis of biographical evaluations (Arabic: علم الرجال) quite similar to Al-Kuna wa al-Asmā'.
  • At-Tamyeez is about the hadiths that Muslim ibn al-Hajjaj considered not authentic due to (hidden detrimental flaw ('illah, Arabic: عله), followed the discerning (tamyeez, Arabic: تمييز) of why there is a flaw (or more), followed by the authentic narrations negating the flawed ones, all classified in a similar manner to a musannaf.

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