so I have been trying to become a better Muslim by learning what is allowed and what is not, and I have stumbled across the permissibility of eating meats. From what I know, we can only eat halal and Zabiha meats. The thing is however, in Texas most restaurants are not halal, so is it okay if I eat Buffal Wild Wings? Please use evidence as support if you can. Thanks all


You have answered your own question. Just use a bit of deductive reasoning:-

  • Muslims cannot eat meat that is not Halal and Zabiha

  • Texas restaurants are not halal except when they are clearly labelled as halal

  • Thus, Muslims cannot eat from Texas restaurants except when they are clearly labelled as halal

  • Ok. That means I can’t eat in all the restaurants in my area. – N B Mar 16 '18 at 0:07
  • @NB . I'm sure there are at least a few halal restaurants there. – The Z Mar 16 '18 at 0:15
  • There is literally one that’s 35 minutes away from where I live and all the other halal restaurants are over an hour away unfortunately. I have eaten out a lot so I know the area pretty well. – N B Mar 16 '18 at 12:59

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