I've been watching anime before i started reading manga, then i switched to reading manga because the anime versions of most of the manga and anime series consist of poorly dressed drawn women that show thighs, because they wear short skirts, i saw a hadeeth lately that talks about how no muslim should look at the thighs of anybody dead or alive, and i've seen an answer to a question on this website that talks about if it's haram to see drawn awrah or not, and it mostly discusses a drawn form of porn mostly discussing the drawn very private parts of women || (( im sorry if i was too straightforward,it embarrases me to ask this too)) || and not my question. I ask for a clear answer whether seeing drawn thighs , hair , arms , feet of women intentionally or unintentionally is haram. May Allah bless you and have mercy on you on the day of judgement.


I don't understand about drawing according to Islam. There are some people argue sunnah and haram. If the image displays an awrah and gives rise to lust, then the law is haram. The drawer gets sin and will continue to grow as people see his work.

Basically, it all depends on our intentions. If you intend to read manga to enjoy the plot of his story without any intent to follow your lust, Insyaallah it's okay. But limit reading manga that often show awrah. Because it Zina of the eyes. I know I am very minimal in terms of religion. But I try to tell what I can. Maybe there are others who explain more details about this problem. Hope this helps!

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