I know that all Jews are Bani Israel but not all Bani Israel are Jews. Are Christians Bani Israel as well, do they descend from Prophet Israel (AS)? This is not a duplicate, the answer to this question is not in any of the other articles, I want to know if Christians are also Bani Israel, I'm not asking about the difference between Jews and Bani Israel. Just please answer this question it's not a duplicate


'All' of the Christians are not Bani Israel, just like all of the Muslims are not Bani Ishmael or even Arab, because several gentiles converted to Christianity at the hands of the disciples of Jesus and then the adoption of the religion by the Roman Empire, and later the preaching of Christian missionaries.

Bani Israel is a lineage and not a religion. Statistically speaking only a small minority of the present Christian population would belong to the Bani Israel.

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