I've read that the following:

He who knows himself knows his Lord

is a hadith. Where is it attested?


The saying you are referring to:

من عرف نفسه فقد عرف ربه

He who knows himself knows his Lord

This is not a hadith attributed to the Prophet ﷺ, but it is a saying attributed to Yahya ibn Mu'ādh ar-Rāzi as:

There are numerous other scholars that said this hadith is a fabricated one (e.g., Ibn Taymiyyah, Ismā'īl al-'Ajalōni, etc.)


In some references, it is referred to as a saying of The Prophet (pbuh) and in some others it is considered as a hadith from Imam Ali (A.S.). But in both cases consequence of the people who narrate this hadith is not mentioned (This hadith is a Morsal ‍‍مُرسَل), although the concept of this statement is true.


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