When ending the salah with the tasleem are you meant to pause in between, some people seem to give one salam to the right and look straight ahead for a moment then give the second salam to the left, others just give each salam one after the other.

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First, this is a branch of al-ikhtilāf as-sā'igh, i.e., the scholarly opinions are deduced but are not based on a direct verse in the Qur'an or a hadith that can be quoted. This also means that whichever school you follow will be accepted, Allah willing.


I do not know if there is any view specific to the Hanafi school on how to perform taslīm at the end of the prayers.

Maliki and Shafi'i

Both Maliki and Shaf'i' schools have a slight pause in between the two taslīms as one starts the taslīm facing al-Qiblah and ends the taslīm as one completes turning around. Then one pauses slightly until one returns to facing al-Qiblah, then one starts the taslīm to the left. In At-Tahthīb (Shafi'i) by Al-Baghawi:

والسُّنَّة أن يبتدئ السلام مستقبل القِبلة، ويتمه ملتفتاً، فحيث يكون انقضاء سلامه مع تمام الالتفات، ففي التسليمة الأولى يلتفت عن يمينه حتى يرى من على يمينه خدَّه الأيمن، وفي التسليمة الثانية يلتفت عن يساره حتى يرى من على يساره خدَّه الأيسر.

NOTE: My own translation, so treat with care:

The sunnah is to start as-Salām facing al-Qiblah and to finish it while turned around so that it [taslīm] ends as one ends turning around. In the first taslīm, one turns around until those on one's right can see one's right cheek. In the second taslīm, one turns around until those on one's left can see one's left cheek.

— At-Tahthīb, Vol. 2, pp. 133

The Maliki school has the same view as per Hāshiyat Al-'Adawi, Vol. 1, pp. 280 by 'Alia as-Sa'īdi al-'Adawi.


In the Hanbali school, there is also a slight pause in between both taslīms as the view is to start saying as-salāmu 'alaikum while facing al-Qiblah and to continue without pausing to turn one's head while saying wa rahmatu Allah. There will be then a slight pause until one returns one head to face al-Qiblah before starting the second taslīm. In Al-Insāf by 'Alā' ad-Dīn al-Mardāwi:

يستقبل القبلة بالسلام عليكم ويلتفت بالرحمة

NOTE: My own translation, so treat with care:

Starts by facing al-Qiblah with as-salāmu 'alaikum then turns with ar-rahmah

— Al-Insāf, Vol. 4, pp. 562

  • The mainline in the Maliki school is a single tasleem for Imam and a person praying alone! Tasleem at the end of salat - Maliki school
    – Medi1Saif
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    @Medi1Saif, understood, but this is a different topic as to which taslīm is a corner (Hanafi: none, Malika: one, Shafi'i: two, Hanbali: either one a what Ibn Qudama said or two as what others said). However, there is no prohibition (see this fatwa) and even some Maliki scholars consider the second taslīm mandatory. The number of taslīms is matter of khilāf mu'tabar, but the methodology is khilāf sā'igh. There is also how many taslīms are there as an imām vs. as a ma'mūm.
    – III-AK-III
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