Question 1: Is it OK to recite the 4 Qul (109, 112, 113, and 114) in 4 rak'ahs of any nafl prayer in the order below:

  1. Surat Al-Kafirun
  2. Surat Al-Ikhlas
  3. Surat Al-Falaq
  4. Surat An-Nas

Is this order acceptable, especially since Surat Al-Ikhlas is the shortest among these four surahs?

Question 2: Is it allowed to recite a small surah (like Surat Al-Kawthar 108) in the first rak'ah followed by any other surah (like Surat Quraysh 106) with Surah 108 being shorter in length and having fewer ayahs?

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Except for the maliki school of fiqh all sunni schools wouldn't complain no matter what order you chose. The maliki's would rather -prefer to- stick on the order of the quran (not the length of a sura which is basically irrelevant). Also read: What does reading surahs during salah in a reverse way mean? (where you may find evidences for my claims).

I just wonder in what sunna (nafl) prayers you may recite in four raka', al-Fatiha + sura (except for the night prayers). Note that you even could recite randomly two or three etc. of them in one single raka'a or even repeat the same.

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As your first answer. That is right order of 4Qul. We can also get that from Quran. But this pattern is only for sunnah-gair mokedah (in Asar, Isha). May Allah forgive us.

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