Quetion about shaitan in islam.can shaitan control our mind filling in negative thoughts


As for as the power of Satan, no creature, no matter how powerful, can act without Allah’s (JJ) sanction. For this reason, Satan has power to misguide only those people who have relinquished their belief in one Allah (JJ) and have surrendered to the temptations of Satan. Accordingly, Satan himself admits that he has no power over Allah’s (JJ) sincere servants when he swears, in the holy Quran, Surat al-Hijr (15), Verse 39-40:

       “I shall misguide them all except Your sincere servants.”

Satan’s sole influence over man is by way of whispering temptations. He can never strip man of his free will. In philosophical terms, Satan’s non-materiality is not complete, therefore he cannot reach the lofty station that the spirit of the righteous enjoys. Giving into the temptation of the carnal soul (al-nafs al-’ammarah) opens the way for satanic influence thereby pulling man into Satan’s traps. The sole respite from his grasp is to turn one’s attention to Allah (JJ) and seek his protection. Allah (JJ) says in Quran,

         “You (Satan) have no power over my servants.”

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