I invested in a cryptocurrency. The company offered a mining and stake pool program. In that program, they have a return on investment (ROI), so I took a part of it.

For example: buy a 100 coin and invest it into mining and stake pool program. The contract of program is one year. Their ROI for 100 coin is 0.4 coins, so I invest in 100 coins. I take a daily payment, so every day I get 0.4 coins until my contract is done.

So the question is: is it halal or haram or makrooh??


Alaikum salam.

It is generally accepted that proof of work is halal and proof of stake is haram, on the basis that "money cannot create money".

If your investment goes to maintain computers mining coins, it might be fine. If it goes to a crypto account to serve as a proof of stake, it might not be. You should probably dive a little bit in the terms and conditions to know exactly what the program does with your money.

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