Is there a sunnah.com-like web site where we can search (in English) hadith collection of Imam Ahmad? (Or, for that matter, any document in English in searchable form.)

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    I think in best case you would find some translation of a volume or so ...
    – Jamila
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I couldn't find such a site but in archive.org you will find 3 volumes of the hadith collections which is around 1/10 of the whole (4376 ahadith). Also read Is Musnad Ahmed a book of Sahih Ahaadith?

The translation is made by Nasiruddin al-Khattab and edited by Huda al-Khattab the collection was edited, researched and referenced by Darussalam 2012.

Volume 1 covers:

  • Musnad Abu Bakr Siddeq.
  • Musnad 'Umar bin al-Khattab
  • The hadeeth of as_Saqeefah
  • Musnad 'Uthman bin 'Affan
  • Musnad Ali ibn Abi Talib

Volume 2 covers:

  • completes the Musnads of the ten sahaba whom were promised paradise.
  • ...
  • starts the Musnad of ahl-alBayt

Volume 3 covers:

  • Musnad 'Abdullah bin al-'Abbas

  • Musnad Abdullah bin Mas'ood

As the site only presents scanned copies of the volumes it is hard to search and use it in the way you may use sunnah.com

I have also found a part covering the Musnad of 'Aisha of ~2500 ahadith -unknown translator-

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