I have question in Shia's law. If a woman feeding baby through her breasts in enough time and enough amount, can father of the baby marry with her?


In the name Allah, the Entirely merciful, the Especially Merciful / بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

Based on my research/conclusion –if I’m not mistaken--, if we consider the mentioned woman as foster-mother (Rada/redaee (figh) mother) and likewise by supposing that all the conditions of Radaee mother have been done properly/entirely, subsequently it can be concluded that:

She can get married to baby's father.

Since based on what I've perceived in the issue of Rada (fiqh), such feeding (of milk...) doesn't make the Radaee-mother mahram to baby's father, hence she (foster mother) can get married to baby's father.

Hopefully, I've concluded it properly. Good luck.


article.tebyan.net/5713 & etc.





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