Peace be upon my brothers and sisters here. I have some questions I hope I can get an answer

  1. What does ALLAH literally mean?
  2. Can I say "God" when speaking to english speaking people? Because I know that ALLAH said in the Quran He sent every Messenger to the language of their people. So maybe some people called ALLAH in their language a different name so the Prophet would use that name because thats how they called the Creator.

May ALLAH reward yous.

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  • Sorry brother didnt understand what you mean? – Muslim man Dec 13 '17 at 23:56
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Allah is the Arabic word for God. The Arabs, regardless of which religion they follow, they call God Allah. It can be viewed as a translation of earlier mention of a supreme deity in languages that preceded the Arabic language. The etymology of the word is an ongoing discussion but the view that it is a contraction of the Arabic definite article "al" generally translated as "the" and ilāh, translated as a deity. Hence, the meaning "the deity", or "the God" is the result.

Yes it is perfectly correct to call Allah God with a capital "G" in the English language. After all the Deen of Abrahim precedes the Arabic language by several centuries if not more. Abraham obviously did not call God Allah.

The insistence on this irrational position of calling God Allah in English is not advisable. It unfortunately have resulted in the mistaken impression as if the God of Muslims is a different God, which is totally false.

Besides, God is clear in the Quran:

Say, "Invoke Allah or invoke the Most Gracious. By whatever (name) you invoke, to Him (belongs) the Most Beautiful Names. And (do) not be loud in your prayers and not be silent therein, but seek between that a way." Quran 17:110

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You can't call Allah god because in the first kalimah it says La ilaaha illal lahoo Muhammadur Rasool Ullah English Translation: There is no God but Allah, Muhammad is the messenger of Allah

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  • please explain in more detail – xitas Dec 16 '17 at 9:11
  • Peace be upon you :). Yes I understanf what you mean but the shahaadah is in Arabic. Because Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) spoke Arabic and his people were arabs. But in english it is translated as "There is no deity except God" or "None worthy of worship but God". Which means in Arabic "لا اله الا الله" . So thats why I am asking if we can say God when speaking to english speaking people for the call ALLAH in there language as God. Arab speaking call the creator ALLAH. You see my point. But ALLAH (GOD) knows best – Muslim man Dec 18 '17 at 12:10

I’m the name of God, the Most Merciful, Most Kind

You can call Allah, God but you have to be careful to whom you are using the word “God”, if you are referring the word “God” to Allah, then, there’s nothing wrong with.

But, beware, if you call refer someone like Jesus as God, then, definitely, no. And, if you refer “God” to the Creator and not to anyone and anything, not even to Jesus Christ, then there’s nothing wrong with.

But, if you say “god” then it is wrong because anyone could use this word “god” but if it is with capital letter “God”, then it is ok.

for example, God Has Give to prophet Muhammad special miracles. Or, God has given the miracle of waking up the dead to Jesus Christ, then it is ok to use the word “God”.

And, it is much preferable and much respectful if you call simply “Allah” instead of “God” so that you won’t make confusions with other, but if you want to call Him, God, then you can but you have to be very careful on whom you call God.

Conclusion: you can call Allah in any language as long as you don’t refer to anyone, not even to Jesus, or anyone, and if you refer “God” as your Lord, the Creator of Jesus Christ, the only one true God, then it is ok to use it.

Hope it helps.

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