Salamualeikum brothers and sisters,

I am studying IT security and came across cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc.). Now Bitcoin is everywhere in the news and I recently decided to invest some money in it. I am also planing to hold the investment for a very long period. I used the broker named Etoro, which sells and buys in your behalf. Its even possible to have an islamic account there, as you can see here. If I am understanding everything correctly it's not necessary for me if I am just buying cryptocurrencies.

Since I consider it like exchanging one currency to another I thought it is halal. But I may be wrong, so I decided to ask here.

I am really new to this topic and it's really important for me that everything I am doing there is halal. I will also try to ask in our local mosque for some advice, but I don't know if anyone can help me there, since this whole topic is somehow new I think.

Thanks for any help!

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