So stealing money is a huge sin. If you made a debt and didnt pay it, you will pay it in the hereafter. So mu question is, what if i make some top 10 anime stuff and wanted to put pictures in my video and i get some anime pictures in the google without permission (from the original creator) and uploaded the vid. Then i would earn money from it through google adsense. So does this count as stealing?

And are making youtub reactions to vid and i would also gain money also haram?

Pls awnser and may Allah bless you


Basically, Islam respects copyright; see IslamWeb. However, what precisely this means is not straightforward, and depends on the circumstances:

  • The US, for instance, has a fair use policy on using copyrighted material.
  • Both Google and YouTube will have their own restrictions of fair use.
  • Each site you source images from will have their own restrictions.
  • Your country may have its own regulations.

Wikipedia, for instance, has a low resolution policy. This might be relevant if you're taking high-resolution images and converting them to lower-resolution images on YouTube. It's also better to give attribution (e.g., a link to where the image came from).

Other points:

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