I want to buy books and movies from sites that are only specific to certain areas. I want to pay but I can't. When I use VPN I can access those page and buy. Sites like hotstar, popcornflix, etc. Is it haram to use VPN, since I ain't pirating, I am buying.


The VPN is a private network which you use to enter restricted blogs in your country.

Firstly it's halal because you do not violate the sanctities of others and the site or server is provided to you free of charge or from the owner of your own.

If you want to know judgement about its use taken from what its use for, In some countries, pornographic websites are blocked by government for your use In this cases it become Haram, because it used for haram this is another situation, another situation when the government prevents access important sites such as study, communication sites, or even important religious sites, because they differ with another country or with another religion. In this case it becomes permissible and may become obligatory.

The conclusion the Govern on it from what its use for and Allah know.

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Inshallah, it is haram to use any website which contains explicitly haram content. If they profit from any haram activities or content then the entire site and network is haram. Any dealing with those who do haram is itself haram. This includes generating revenue for them by surfing their websites or using their encryption. We must avoid helping those who do evil. Therefore, using a VPN to protect anonymity is halal if the VPN restricts haram content from its servers and networks. If a VPN or a website or a service deals in haram it is haram. The mufti of the tyrant is also a tyrant. Allah knows best.

This is according to Sheikh Khalid Yasin, https://www.khalidyasin.com/

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