Women often talk about "non-mahram men", and I'm wondering if this is mostly tautological:

Question: For a woman, can another woman be a non-mahram?

I recognize there are people who are agender or have a non-binary gender, so presumably there are "non-mahram non-men", but I'm wondering if the term "non-mahram", when used by a woman, automatically excludes other women.

The Wikipedia page writes:

A mahram is an unmarriageable kin with whom marriage/sexual intercourse would be considered haram (illegal in Islam).

This seems to imply a woman is mahram to another woman. However, this also implies that underage boys are mahram, which contradicts a later sentence on the Wikipedia page: "Except for the spouse, being mahram is a permanent condition." This makes me Wikipedia's definition is not entirely accurate.

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A 'mahram' in the marriage context , refers to being "permanently unmarriageable". so the husband's brother is not mahram to his brother's wife even-though the marriage between them is haram and invalid (because they are only conditionally unmarriageable ) . Also mahram refers to one of the men a woman should travel with and that she can be with without hijab , that's why here a woman is not considered mahram to another woman . So , the husband is mahram to his wife because she can travel with him alone and he can see her without hijab . that's why they said :

"Except for the spouse, being mahram is a permanent condition."

because of course if they got divorced he is no longer a mahram.

an underaged boy is not mahram , he is not "permanently unmarriageable" .

a mahram is used for men and women. For example, the daughter is mahram to her father , etc.

In travelling, a woman cannot be a mahram to anybody.


A mahram is someone you cannot marry, but that statement is only true for a legal marriage.

Since in Islam, marriage is only allowed between opposite sexes, and that have come to age (puberty), among other things that constitute a legal marriage, there is no need of reference to specify mahram between two woman (same sex) or towards minor (children).

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