Suppose two Muslim countries are at war, one weak country and one powerful country, and the weak one expects to be conquered.

Question: Can a weak Muslim country at war with a powerful Muslim country seek help from a powerful non-Muslim country?

I'm aware of Qur'an 60:1 which says:

O you who have believed, do not take My enemies and your enemies as allies, extending to them affection while they have disbelieved in what came to you of the truth, having driven out the Prophet and yourselves [only] because you believe in Allah, your Lord. If you have come out for jihad in My cause and seeking means to My approval, [take them not as friends]. You confide to them affection, but I am most knowing of what you have concealed and what you have declared. And whoever does it among you has certainly strayed from the soundness of the way.

This prohibits taking non-Muslim allies under certain circumstances, but I'm unclear if this is applicable in the above scenario, where the alternative to taking non-Muslim allies is to allow one's country to be conquered.

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