Recently, I don't remember getting hurt, but I find blood clots or dried wounds when I going to do ghusl and I'm asking if it they prevent the ghusl.


There's the following hadith which describes vaginal bleeding:

If it is menstrual blood then it is blood that is black and recognizable, so stop praying, and if it is other than that then perform Wudu', for it is just a vein.
Sunan an-Nasa'i [grade: sahih]

Judging from this, ghusl would not be required because of bleeding. In fact, Islam Q&A express an opinion that wudu is not invalidated:

... the most likely view is that it is pure, because there is no evidence to support the view that it is impure.

IslamWeb has a similar opinion:

Anyway, the preponderant opinion of the Muslim scholars is that bleeding from an unusual place does not abort Wudu even if the amount of blood is large.

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