I know I asked similar questions before it's because I'm really struggling to accept this concept so I went to sheik and he said to me that women get hoors too since Hoor is plural of haw ra and ahwar.

Does Hoor mean companions or females!

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Understanding Quran using dictionaries only, will lead to wrong statements like: "women get hoors too" , which has never been stated ever by any scholar before ever.

ِAlso in Quran it says : "Hoor-un maksurat" / "حور مقصورات"

maksurat = refers to females only. If they were men , it would have been : "maksurun" / "مقصورون"

They are females.

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Heaven has all the pleasures for all men and women , a woman will have the best husband , so she will not have to worry about having multiple husbands. Because she will reach ultimate happiness with just one husband.

All she has to worry about , really , is entering Heaven in the first place, and work hard in this life to get to heaven in the hereafter .

Don't let shaytan fool you .

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