My father has passed away a few weeks ago, however when we found him he had already died for 3-4 days. In fact when we go back and see when the last time we spoke to him it was probably a week prior. His body had decomposed to the point where we were not able to perform ghusl before burial.

  • What is the ruling on delayed burial in this case? Did he suffer because he was not buried for a week?
  • Does this take away from his bad deeds?

Any insight would be helpful, jzk.


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It is not recommended by most scholars to spend life as a solo. Decomposition of a non prophet dead body is an absolute thing in Allah's infinite wisdom. Pain suffered by a Muslim upto death has his sins forgiven is well documented. I fail to find any evidence which says Decomposition causes sins to be forgiven. You have to move on accepting Allah's decree and pray for forgiveness of your Muslim father.

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