When referring to members or worshippers at a Christian church, I might use the word 'parishioner', or possibly even 'congregation'.

Are there equivalent words specific to the Islamic faith for those who regularly attend or worship at a particular mosque?


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A group of people offering prayers together is called a Jamaat or Jammah. Congregational prayer can be observed in any place as required, not necessarily a mosque; and a person joining a congregation for the first and last time is as much a part of it as a regular.

Regarding parishioner: I am not aware of any formal term for regular worshipers at a mosque that would differentiate them from non-regulars. Memberships or registrations are not a feature of Islamic congregations.

  • Musalli : an Arabic word, also an Urdu word, this word means a congregant of a mosque. As @Umh pointed it does not differentiate between regulars and non-regulars. This is the word that a Priests in Mosques in India use to refer to a member. Apr 19, 2020 at 22:12

The word congregant can be used, although it's not Islam-specific.

Actually this question came up on English.SE: “Parishioner” vs. “congregant”, who also offer other possibilities:

To refer more generally to those attending services at a particular time, you could simply say worshippers or attendees; for all adherents, there are a variety of terms employed, such as the brethren or the faithful, or the more mundane churchgoers or the observant; communicants captures the sense of those in communion with the Church as opposed to outsiders.

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