If one is terminally ill, and:

  • is unable to fast during the month of Ramadan, and
  • it is not foreseeable at the time that one would be able to make up for missed days in the future,

It is agreed upon that one should do a fidyah by feeding one poor person an equivalent of what one normally eats for every day one is unable to fast.

If one then recovers after Ramadan and

  • is able to fast, and
  • is able to make up for missed days of Ramadan,

Question: With the days already being expiated for, should one still fast an equivalent number of days, or is the expiation enough at this stage?

I am interested in the Sunni view in general. If providing an answer that is madhhab-specific, please mention which madhhab the view belongs to, but views from any or all madhhabs are welcome.


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(This is what I found in the Ta'leemul Haq, a Hanafi based book on the five fundamental pillars of Islam)

The condition for Fidyah is:

  • A very old person who does NOT have the strength to fast or a very sickly or diseased person who has NO hope of recovering after Ramadan, should give FIDYAH for each fast missed in Ramadan.

If, however, an old or sick person gains strength or recovers after Ramadan, he MUST keep the missed number of fasts and whatever was given as Fidyah will be a reward for him from Allah.

So according to this, one should make up for these missed fasts.

And Allah knows best.

Source: Ta'leemul Haq, page 262 out of 321 on the PDF and page 150 in the actual book

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