I am working in an online company. I know there is a cost price and a sale price so in this way the work is not haram. But second question is that I am working by sitting at home. I don't say I don't work totally. I manage customers and deal with the delivery man, but I'm still confused as to whether it is halal or haram?

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    The question didn't say anything about "riba", yet it was tagged "riba". I removed this tag, but please explain how it's relevant (if it is). – Rebecca J. Stones Jun 8 '17 at 7:12

Working from Home is not haram. Allah ask us to find job which do not spoil salah ( Namaz) . And prophet Mohammed prohibited several types of jobs like cheating, gambling , anything relate with loan interest kind of . If you are working from home means your management trusting you. You will be in your work. So simply fear allah.

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