My father, who's of old age, urinated in kitchen sink as bathroom was occupied and we have only one bathroom.

Now what should we do as kitchen sink is used not only for washing utensils but also meat, vegetables, fruits etc.?

Please do reply. I'm very worried because of what happened in the holy month of Ramadan in our kitchen. I cook sehri, aftari etc and now working in kitchen is seeming unbearable to me. Do we need to have a new sink or what?


Urinating in garden or floor seems different to me than urinating in kitchen sink as we do not put food items on garden or floor. If someone urinate there then I'll clean it by washing with water.

Anyways, I boiled one big vessel of water, drain half in sink and washed each and every utensils like plates, cups, glasses, spoons, forks, bowls etc with remaining water. Also used detergent to wash sink and counter thoroughly while kept reciting kalima throughout the procedure. Threw the cleaning brush and replaced it with new one. In the last washed floor and took ghusl myself afterwards.

Now I'm feeling somewhat okay.

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