My friend says converting to Islam is much easier than Judaism because they say conversion to Judaism is tough and some rabbis test your faith by rejecting you 3 or more times. This confuses me.

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Definitely. To be a Muslim you need to believe in God and his messenger the Prophet Muhammad may God bless him. I am sure some hardliners will disagree.

To be a Jew you must convert and this is a long process in which you are tested by the rabbis. If your mother is Jewish, or your mother's mother is Jewish... then you are Jewish and no conversion is necessary. Even if you are an atheist... if your mother is Jewish you are a Jew. However, if you are just a "goyim" or one of the people of the "other" nations, then there is a long conversion process. If you are a non-Jew who has read the entire Torah and believes everything written inside of the book, you are still not a Jew but the atheist born of a Jewish mother but who denies the Torah and never remembers God is.

Being Jewish is entirely based on man made rules, and these rules are different depending on where you go, just like any Muslims who will disagree and tell you there is more to being Muslim than believing in Allah and his messenger (and by extension every single word that is contained in the Holy Quran)

I have heard that we must take shahada in front of witnesses who are also Muslim, but it is clear to me that God knows what is in your heart, and whether you believe what you believe.

I am a Muslim. I became Muslim when I read 77:46 in the Quran. I was drinking a bottle of wine and reading a Quran I stole from a synagogue. I simply thought to my self... "this is the word of God" and by extension this means Muhammad who was once an imposter, becomes God's messenger. Within 2 weeks Allah cured me of my alcoholism. I used to drink every day wine and liquor. I have not touched a drink in over a year.

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