There is a du'a' (supplication) that says:

اللهم نور بالعلم قلبي، وافتح بطاعتك بدني، وخلص من الفتن سري، وقني شر وساوس الشيطان، واجرني منه يا رحمن، حتى لا يكون له علي سلطان وقل ربي زدنى علما

O Allah, light my heart with knowledge, and open my body your obedience, and save my inner secret from sedition, and protect me from the evil whisperers of Al-Shaytan, and make me avoid him O' Rahman, so he has no authority over me, and say, "My Lord, increase me in knowledge."

Transliteration: Allahummah nawwir bil-'ilmi qalbi, waftah bita'atika badani, wakhalis minal fitani sirri, wa qini sharra waswaasi shaitan, wa ajirni minhu yaa Rahmaan, hattaa laa yakuuna 'alayya sultaan, wa qul rabbi zdni 'ilman.

Question: What is the origin of this du'a'?


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