One practical problem I see about women wearing niqab is that it may be difficult to distinguish one woman from another. (E.g. "the one with long brown hair..." is not effective.)

Niqabis; lower quality version of image sourced from http://www.wnyc.org/story/a-tweet-on-womens-veils-followed-by-raging-debate-in-saudi-arabia/

Question: Is determining which niqabi is your wife a problem for Muslim men?

I'm curious about the situation of a Muslim man trying to find his wife among a group of women. If a mistake were made, it could lead to all sorts of drama. I'm wondering how big a problem this is, and if it is a problem, how it's resolved.


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This might seem like a big deal from afar but from personal experience it is rarely an issue.

Consider the following distinguishing features:

  • height
  • build
  • purses or other paraphernalia
  • patterns/markings on their dress
  • footwear
  • accompanying children

And in the event of mistaken identity, the lady will make it clear by moving away or through lack of engagement. That is enough of a trigger for the men to know that something's amiss.

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