The name "intra-day trader" refers to a stock trader who opens and closes a position in a security in the same trading day. ... Day traders and intra-day traders are at the top of the risk spectrum. -- Investopedia

Is intraday trading haraam if you convert it to investment in case of making loss?

Suppose I do intraday trading.

  • If the stock I bought goes up, I sell and make profit;
  • If its goes down, I convert it to a normal equity order and hold it for the time (days) until it goes up again, and then sell it.

Will that be gambling (haraam) or business?


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It is Haraam when you invest in a Haraam business like a Casino. If you are invest in an air-line for example you share both profit and loss on your investment so there's no reason for it to be illegal or Haraam.

P.s. I'm neither an expert in investment nor Islam, this is just my opinion.

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