Before the explanation of this question, I would like to disclose my previous question where the believe is now more clear that after death we all will be alive in our graves in sleeping mode.

Then after making this believe this question comes in my mind frequently that do we have punishment in graves ?

If yes we are going to have punishment according to our deeds in this world then what will be judged at judgment day because one will be having punishment for its wrong deeds before the judgement day in his/her grave.

If yes punishment is there then is it a screening test. What kind of punishment it would be and what will be judged at Judgment day.

  • You could edit your question to only "Do we have punishment in graves" and ask another question; "if we are being punished in the grave, what are we going to be judged for in the Judgment day?" -- this to make it less broad. You will achieve better answer in this way. – Kilise Jun 13 '17 at 18:32
  • @Kilise Thank you for suggestion I have edited this question title. – Afnan Ahmad Jun 16 '17 at 6:29

We get punished in the graves yes, but this is only for the unbelieving souls. After the punishment of the grave, if all of the sins aren't covered, we'll be judged for those sins in the day of judgement. For a believing soul, the grave will be as long as the human eye can see. For those who believes, but committed so much sins and the punishments of life didn't cover them, Allah will choose to either give them the punishment of the grave or to wait in the grave without the punishment until the day of judgement where they will be judged

  • Alsan ali any references ? – Afnan Ahmad Apr 14 '17 at 7:46
  • You mean to say that believers and non believers will be treated differently after death. I am if a person believes but have so many sins or Gunah-e-Kaberah like zina and have not seek for forgiveness before death will get the punishment in grave and non believer will also get the punishment in grave. And if grave is as long a human eye can see then what if Allah choose to punish one in grave its like 40% is done in grave and reaming 60 will be judged at judgement day. I am really not convinced. – Afnan Ahmad Apr 14 '17 at 7:53

Me too I see no logic in this Punishment. The Quran didn't mention it. And it's unjust and God is Just. It's a punishment without judgement it is unjustice.

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