When i as in a relationship he presented me a gold ring. Now we are separated though I don't wear it. I gave it to my sister , whenever I see that it reminds me of him.

Should I somehow return it to him r what should I do???

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Note: The answer below is assuming that you didn't have a valid nikah with him and were engaged in Zina.

The opinion on islamqa for a related question is that the gift should be disposed off in charity because it was linked to a forbidden relationship.

Whatever was taken in return for the haraam relationships that involved the evils that you have mentioned, if it is still with you then you have to get rid of it by giving it to the poor and needy. Whatever has been used up or spent, you do not have to do anything with regard to it.

This is the basic principle with regard to the one who has acquired wealth through haraam work and it was given to him by the other party willingly, such as payment for singing and dancing and the like. The money should not be given back to the one who gave it, and the one who took it should not benefit from it because it is wealth that he took in an evil manner.

The gifts that men give in haraam relationships are only given in return for enjoying the continuation of that relationship, seeing the woman, going out with her, talking to her and so on. They are given willingly in return for something haraam. The most correct scholarly opinion on that is what we have mentioned, that one should get rid of them.

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