I've heard that there are many "copycats". They claim they are prophets too. Of course, anyone can claim they are prophets. They have many followers too.

Who are they?

Any lists?

Anyone compile lists of them?

I am not questioning whether they are false prophets or not. I am questioning whether they claim they are prophets and whether people believe them.


The false prophets who arose around the time of Prophet Muhammad(p.b.u.h), in Arabia include:

  1. Musailmah
  2. Sajjah
  3. Tulayha
  4. Aswad Ansi

Details about them can probably be best sourced from books of Seerah and the histories of Abu Bakr's caliphate. None of these have any surviving cults as the claimants were either slain in battle or reverted to Islam.

  • And Saf ibn Sayyad-later known as Abdullah ibn Sa'id Apr 1 '17 at 14:50

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