I am a 17-year old boy, and I want to know if Islam allows one to rub one's penis to get out sperms (semen).

When I get into for bath that time I feel something different, or sexual desire, and I won't be able to stop my hand from rubbing my penis, and as a result sperm comes out, and I feel something different, but after rubbing penis I wash it from water as I am bathing. So, I wanted to know that it is good habit or bad habit related to Islam?

If it is bad habit I ask for forgiveness for Allah for that all thing! If it is not bad then it's ok.

  • I was just want to know is it allowed or not, i mean YES or NO – Ansari Abdullah Mar 5 '17 at 8:46

Its not allowed and mastrubation is also strictly forbidden. You will have to undergo severe torment of Allah if u do that. Be patient while feeling sex that's better for you.

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