In the Shia school of thought, the martyrdom of the daughter of the Prophet is commemorated at three different times; the last one today, on 3rd of Jumada al-Thani.

Why is it that "there are three different times for the Wafat of Fatima al-Zahra"?


There can be diverse reasons for that, such as:

  • Narrating of historical events was not like now (to be written…), and actually the narrating of the events was often verbally, consequently perhaps wrongly …
  • On the other hand, the Muslims were busy in fighting at that time, and as a result were not so worry to register the dates of events exactly.
  • The conflicts which were created after the Prophet passed away, can be considered as a reason for the distortion of many facts ...

And so on.



It's because of the ambiguity. We don't know exact time of martyrdom. Among of several guessed time from history-writers these three times have more logical proofs.

Tip: search for the way hadzrat Fatima has martyrdomed, and you find out.

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