Most of the times, I came across the festivals held for animals/birds fighting. These festivals are also held in Muslims countries across the world, so I wonder if Islam specifically allows or forbids animal/birds fighting.

These fights include dog fighting, Rooster fighting, Partridge fighting and many more. Most of the times, these fights include the bidding, while animals are hurt severely. How much strictly Islam forbids it? Any story related to Sahabas or Prophet SAWW would be appreciated (with reference of hadith or Ayah).

Are there any specific rules for halal or haram animals fighting?

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Animal fighting is forbidden in Islam. There is a hadith on it in Sunan Abu Dawud and Jamee at-Tirmizhi:

نهى رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم عن التحريش بين البهائم

The Messenger of Allah ﷺ prohibited instigating fights between beasts.

It is also rationally evil because it is cruelty to animals causing suffering and possibly even death without any proper interest served.

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Some of the instructions during halal slaughter are concerned with the animal not experiencing too much pain , or panicking as a result of seeing another animal being slaughtered , if Islam worries too much about animals that are about to die anyway , I believe it also worries about animals suffering needlessly.
Also don't forget the two hadiths , which I believe every Muslim School boy remembers , about the woman who went to hell for starving a cat and the prostitute that , in a moment of affection , struggled to bring water to a dog dying from thirst and Allah forgave her for it .
I think you can deduce Islam's view on this matter from these examples .

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