Suppose a person take a loan from the bank to make an investment. The loan has to be returned with interest. Using the loan, he buys assets. To return the loan+interest, he rents the assets over a period of time.

Since the loan involves interest, it is already haraam. Based on the scenario, I have the following question:

  1. After returning the loan+interest, the monetary gain derived from the assets, is it haraam since the source is haraam ?

  2. Suppose one didn't know that interest is haraam in Islam, like for a newly revert muslim, is he allowed to continue upon knowing since he already made the investment ?

  3. Following on the second point, i.e. a revert muslim didn't know but later knew, suppose he decide to sell all the assets and return the loan+interest, if by doing so, a profit remains, is he allowed to consume the profit ?

  4. Following on the third point, if he invested an initial capital, is he allowed to consume at least his initial capital from the profit which remained after selling all the assets and returning the loan+interest

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