My brother in law sent a divorce message to my sister. He repeated it three times:

Sun 17:10: Main saghir khan ALLAH O TALA Ko azar jan kar mareem kosar walad razaq khan ko talak deta ho talak deta ho talak deta ho

Now he is saying even on Quran that he didn't give it intentionally. He also sent this message to three people who were related to my sister.

Did this divorce happen?

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  • why don't you ask any Aalim? – Arsalan Mithani Feb 15 '17 at 22:20
  • Your question is incomplete and unclear. What does he mean by "he didn't give it intentionally". Did he become insane? Did someone force him to write it at gunpoint? Did someone else use his phone? If not then the talak has taken place the moment he wrote the message, as the statement he has constructed leaves no room for doubt – UmH Aug 8 '18 at 6:24

i answered this at Just reciting "Talak" thrice commits divorce? . no, divorce is not complete before iddah time is passed. even if he says talaq every day or every hour, iddah should be passed after first of them. and before it is passed, he can cancel it, even if he said it hundred times.

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