Suppose, somebody touches his aunt/uncles's private parts with impure thoughts in mind. Later, after several years, that person becomes horribly ashamed, does repentance, and does Tawba.

Would it be permissible for that person to marry his/her cousin ?

Please, give me some quotes from Koran or Hadith.

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I don't know all hadiths, but I am pretty sure you won't find anything about this specific case. The person was not supposed to touch his aunt ' s/uncle private parts in the first place. It is like asking if you can eat a lamb rib after eating a pork rib and repenting, this case is only covered by the first interdiction.

Note that the responsibility of the person depends a lot of his / her age. It is possible that the uncle / aunt in question, due to his / her age, is more responsible.

Here is why the person should not marry his / her cousin :

  • Consanguinity is bad for the health of the children. The oumma is big enough, the person can pick someone else.

  • It will be very hard for the cousin to forgive this once found out

  • It will be even harder for the cousin to forgive to his / her father / mother. Put yourself in the cousin 's shoes, the situation is just as bad.

If you know someone in this situation, tell him / her not to do it, I cannot picture this wedding going well.

  • I'm not sure what this answer is saying, but is this a fair summary: "it should be halal to marry your cousin, but here's three reasons why it might be a bad idea"?
    – G. Bach
    Dec 31, 2016 at 20:56

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