I saw a lot of questions about the use of medications derived from pork. Here is one where the product itself is derived from pork : Is it permissible to take a supplement that contains an ingredient derived from pork? And here is a different one where a substitute may be found, since the pork is only in the envelope : Is vegetarian contents inside a gelatin capsule haram to use?. The answers clearly advise not to take it unless it is in an emergency case.

I noticed that in the case of alcohol as a medication, the use seems permitted (see Is there any exception that consuming alcohol or alcoholic foods is OK?)

Is there any reason for this difference in treatment, or are the answers on the pork-based medications false?

Also, (this is more a meta question) shouldn't the answer automatically be "use your medication in the way your doctor wants you to"? It would be better for the health of the users...


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