We know that many prophets performed miracles and many people didn't believe these prophets because they thought it was all magic. But will Allah punish these people? Why would Allah punish them in the afterlife? In the Quran, Allah says that he will not charge a soul beyond it's capability. So if a person is not capable of distinguishing between miracle and magic, why should Allah punish him? It just means that Allah needs to show a stronger sign.


In general the case you said means the person is "مستضعف" it means cant find fact or his heart cant understand the fact. but he or she can search an ask and find the fact and may be he detects the fact by his heart .


once childishly Musa A.S asked Allah to show himself to Musa A.S Allah said no you cannot see,he insisted then on mount Judi Allah swt just showed his shadow the mountain turned to dust and Musa A.S was unconcious for 40 days.

he could have died if Allah willed.but Allah saved him and left unconsious.s you said yourself Allah does not give work beyond there capability you have been given some signs you can understand others can more or less with there capabilities.

other Prophets were given signs as they have not been given complete books as we have. we have been given Quran which covers all types fields all of them. be it science or engineering or pycological or emotional or etymological etc.it gives what will happen in future with you and all the universe in detail manner. are you capable to understand. the sign this ummah has been given is of understanding. you plant a seed it grows in herb then tree then gives out fruits etc it is periodical to understand you have to sit daily looking after it it is persistantly happening you see or not but it is magic a seed destroys itself (can you see) a stem comes out of it (can you see) it grows leaves (can you see) it grows flowers (can you see) it grows with more leaves (can you see) it is all magic it each phase destroys and give shape to new phase.it is uniformly happening

UNDER WHOSE EYES ? who controls excess or less food to it to grow. so is your case Allah gives you what you can understand you dont understand and straight away assume it is wrong. that is un-uniform.

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